Google, one of the world's top ten brands

Google was founded on September 4, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and is recognized as the world's largest search engine company. Google is a multinational technology enterprise located in the United States. Its business includes Internet search, cloud computing, advertising technology, etc. At the same time, it develops and provides a large number of Internet based products and services. Its main profits come from services such as keyword advertising

Origin of name

Google Logo Sean Anderson, a Stanford University student, brought Google search engine and Google's name to Google founder Larry Page.

At that time, Anderson and Page were sitting in the office, trying to come up with a good name, a name that could be related to massive data indexing. Anderson said the word "googol", which refers to the 100th power (power) of 10. It is written in the form of a number 1 followed by 100 zeros, which can be used to represent the massive resources available on the Internet. At that time, Anderson was sitting in front of the computer. He searched the Internet domain name registration database to see if the new name was registered and used. Anderson made a spelling mistake. He typed the word "google. com" in the search, and found that the domain name could be used.

Googol was invented by Milton Sirotta, a 9-year-old nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was later cited in Mathematics and the Imagination by mathematicians Edward Kasner and James Newman. Google's adoption of this word shows its ambition to conquer the endless data on the Internet. Another interpretation of the meaning of Google: G means hand, 00 means multiple ranges, L means long, E means out, and put them together, which means that Google can search for vast amounts of data you need no matter where you are. The word "Google" can also be used as a verb now. For example, "Google something" means to search for the keyword "something" on the Google search engine.

Google was originally called "BackRub". Before Page and Brin gave birth to the name Google due to spelling mistakes, Page called his Stanford project BackRub. Blogoscoped believes that BackRub comes from the algorithm used by Page.

Products and Services

Google provides a wealth of online software services, such as Gmail email, and social networking services, including Orkut, Google Buzz, and most recently Google+. Google's products also enter users' desktops in the form of application software, such as Google Chrome browser, Picasa image sorting and editing software, Google Talk instant messaging tool, etc. In addition, Google has also developed the Android operating system for mobile devices and the Google Chrome OS operating system for netbooks.

From 2007 to 2010, Google ranked first in BrandZ's global brand value for four consecutive years, but was surpassed by Apple in 2011, ranking second. The fact that Google is in a leading position in the market competition also makes it controversial in terms of user privacy protection, copyright, network censorship, etc

corporate culture

Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, pointed out that "a perfect search engine needs to understand the meaning of users and return to their needs". As far as the current situation of search technology is concerned, we need to achieve long-term development through research, development and innovation. Google is committed to becoming a pioneer in this field of technology. Although Google is recognized as the world's leading search technology company in the industry, its goal is to provide higher standards of service for all information searchers.

At Google, engineers are required to spend one day a week on projects of personal interest. This almost mandatory requirement has led to the emergence of new services such as Google News. According to Nielsen NetRatings, this service can attract 7.1 million visitors every month, and it has also led to the emergence of the community network site Orkut, which has been integrated into the entire search website. Everyone in Google is full of stories: people who have lunch with you may have invented the programming language you are using; The colleague sitting next to you may have written textbooks for your postgraduate courses; The person you play billiards with may have developed your desktop browser.

The company also provides free shuttle bus and ferry services to pick up employees to work. These transportation tools have wireless Internet services, so that employees can work when commuting.

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