• As we all know in the entrepreneurial circle, the most difficult is the creation of "from zero to one", and the most difficult stage may be the first year from zero. I believe it goes without saying that you may also have observed that many newly opened restaurants have collapsed in a year or two, and many mobile apps have stopped serving soon. According to data from Bloomberg News Agency, 8/10 of innovative enterprises failed in the first 18 months of entrepreneurship, which can be said to be the peak of failure. What kind of cycle will there be in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, and how to deal with it?

  • We know that 90% of startups will die in the first three years of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on their competitors' trends, keep abreast of news and social media content, and quickly obtain all kinds of important data to ensure that they stay in the poor "10%". In order to help entrepreneurs defeat their competitors, the author here introduces some useful methods to help you understand the industry in depth and "monitor" the trend of the entrepreneurial world in a timely manner.

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