Duffy Maritime Group, France


Company Profile.
Duffy Shipping Group started its business mainly in the Black Sea region. In the late 1990s, Duffy Shipping Group not only opened direct services from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe, the Red Sea, Southeast Asia and East Asia, but also acquired the largest French state-owned shipping company, the Société Nationale des Maritimes de France (CGM) and the Australian National Lines (ANL) in 1996 and 1999 respectively. In 2005, Duffy Shipping Group acquired DMT/ANL/Sentema and became the number one container carrier in France and number three in the world. Today, the Duffy Group operates 267 container vessels with a capacity of 1,070,032 TEU and has 650 subsidiaries and offices in 150 countries and territories worldwide, including 63 branch offices in China. With 17,000 employees worldwide and total revenues of US$10.5 billion in 2009, Duffy is a rising star in the global shipping industry with a network of more than 400 ports and services across all continents and seas.

With over 170 stable shipping routes, Duffy is able to meet the expectations of its customers worldwide. It is also one of the first operators in the world to be able to control the entire logistics chain in order to provide door-to-door services to its customers. This is because it can include the integration of water transport, inland transport and even rail transport, i.e. it will also be unobstructed on land. For almost 33 years, Duffy has been promoting its team spirit and dedicated service. Based on this, together with its precise expertise and 17,000 employees worldwide, Duffy can offer efficient services and innovative products, such as specific routes to various markets, environmentally friendly bamboo containers and technology-friendly computers that can process information quickly, because Duffy's primary objective is to meet the growing needs of its customers from a stable development perspective.

History of development.
From a modest 115,000 TEU capacity in 1998 to almost 1.4 million TEU capacity at the end of August '12, Duffy Shipping has leapt from the world's 12th ranked liner company to the number one shipping line in France and the fourth in the world in just 14 years.

Duffy Shipping Group has developed its global markets through a visionary diversification strategy, through route development, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, multimodal transport and port investments. Today, Duffy Shipping Group has a global footprint, providing efficient door-to-door services through combined ocean, rail, river and road transport.

In 1996, the acquisition of the French national shipping company
1999 Acquisition of National Shipping Company of Australia
2002 Acquisition of McAndrew Lines, UK
2004, Top Tanker and Premium Consumer International Travel
2005 Merger of Delmas and OT African Shipping
2005, acquisition of Traders Shipping/Andal West Africa Shipping/Sentema
2006 Acquisition of Traders Shipping France
2007 Acquisition of shipping companies including Zhengli Shipping, Taiwan, China

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