Jonathan Schwartz President of Sun Corporation

Jonathan Schwartz is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Corporation. He has brilliant strategic thinking, rich operational experience and outstanding leadership. Jonathan is mainly responsible for the planning and implementation of Sun's daily business, including hardware, software, global sales, global manufacturing and procurement, customer support, and global market development.

Early experience

He holds a degree in economics and mathematics from Wesleyan University.

Before joining Sun in 1996, Mr. Schwartz was the CEO of Lighthouse Design Company (which was later acquired by Sun). He began his career as a consultant to McKinsey&Co., providing services to financial services companies.

work experience

Before taking his current post, Mr. Schwartz was the Executive Vice President of the Software Business Division of Sun Corporation, mainly responsible for the technology and business in the company's software field. During this period, he made significant changes in Sun's software strategy through the introduction of Java system software, making Java system software a highly integrated and innovative software system for Java technology research, development, deployment and operation.

Mr. Schwartz also reshaped Sun's image through the introduction of the Java desktop system, making the Java desktop system the No. 1 desktop system in the industry that can replace Microsoft products. The implementation of these important development strategies has accelerated the improvement of Sun's market leadership in the Solaris operating environment and Java software language and development platform.

Previously, in his position as the Chief Strategic Officer of Sun Corporation, Mr. Schwartz was responsible for the formulation of Sun Corporation's long-term plan and various expansion activities, including the merger, acquisition and venture capital operation of Sun Corporation. He is also responsible for various strategic decision-making activities of the company in the industry, including participation in the industry alliance Liberty, which promotes the standardization of network certification. Schwartz also held important positions in Sun's Investment Department, Sun Development Tools Department, and Java Product Market Development Department.

Schwartz is currently a member of the board of directors of Dorado.

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