There's Something To Be Said For Starting a Business.

One of them is the possession of resources. In order to market his products, Zhao Yanzhen had participated in eight fairs. The afternoon after each fair is usually the time when the exhibitors barter their goods - making it seem like you are in a time when there is no currency - because the exhibitors are too lazy to ship their goods back. Zhao Yanzhen told a friend who lives in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre that on the last day of each fair, exhibitors are bought at low prices and then sold, with the result that this friend has made a lot of money.

Secondly, play to your strengths. If you have a speciality in a certain area, then engage in this service or training. Dr Lu Jun, a teacher at Beijing Forestry University, organises students to promote our agricultural and forestry techniques to their hometowns. If you have research on computer viruses, then you may wish to raise the banner of "anti-virus king", door-to-door services to kill viruses, anti-virus.

Thirdly, combine your interests. If you can combine your interests with your entrepreneurial goals, you will be very lucky, it is a happy business and a happy life. If you have an interest in painting and design, you can set up a professional studio, engaged in home decorating design, or web art design.

Fourthly, fix the flaws. Many products have a stable consumer base over a long period of time, but these products often have some defects. As long as you start with the weaknesses of mature products, strengthen, optimise and refine certain features, you can launch a new product, and you can also fight for the customer resources that have been cultivated for a long time by the original product.

Its fifth, no capital business. In the early stages of business, you often face the problem of lack of funds, so you may want to look for ways to start a business without spending money. For example, the pace of life has increased, so that people who are willing to spend money to "buy time" are in large numbers, so the city courier business was born. So, could similar businesses be expanded? Extend it to all areas that save time for others, such as shopping and picking up people on their behalf.
Sixth, seek alliances. If you have certain advantages, but face certain difficulties in operating independently, you may wish to seek alliances with enterprises related to yourself to achieve mutual complementary advantages. For example, if you have a new technology for health care products, you can ally with existing well-known enterprises to launch products with the help of their management, capital and sales channels. This can achieve the effect of sharing resources and reducing investment risks.

Seventh, good at learning. It is not easy to innovate in a certain industry, so you should learn to use the successful examples and ideas of others. In the process of learning to find a suitable path for their own business, is not a wise choice.

Its viii. Virtual sales. How do you sell a product that you lack awareness of? This can be done through "virtual sales". For example, if you have mastered the key technology of a certain drug, you may want to first enter the sales of other well-known drugs as an agent, figure out every aspect of drug sales, and gradually build up a perfect sales network, in the process of penetrating your own products.

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