The Highest Level Of Being a Boss: The More You Work, The More Money You Make.

Money is thought out
Many people like to be bosses, but they are small bosses, bosses always do not do much. Why do not do much, I think to a certain extent after, enterprises want to be bigger and stronger, the boss's consciousness must be on a new level. Modern enterprises must break through the lock of thinking, enterprise development to each stage should use a stage of the concept and ideas, such as a million yuan of profits need to have a million yuan of the realm of ideas; ten million yuan of profits need to have ten million yuan of the realm of ideas; hundred million yuan of profits need to have hundred million yuan of the realm of ideas, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough, and this breakthrough does not take a long time.

In real life, is it easy to make big money or small money? I think it is easy to make big money, but difficult to make small money. It's difficult for businesses now, but it will be easier when they get bigger. Work is done by people and money is thought up by people. The more people work, the poorer they become, the more people think, the richer they become. In the West, the more you play, the richer you get, while we as the world's factories, including the Pearl River Delta region, do a lot of work to earn a little money and think we are great, that really earn is hard work and sweat money. And people are making ideas, making standards.

The wealth mechanism in modern society has changed, wealth comes from ideas, and people who do learning have ideas. A new idea is a new currency, a new idea is a new kind of wealth, in today's society without ideas, without new ideas, without new innovation it is very difficult to make money.

Some business owners make a lot of money and then say they can't "play" anymore, because the source of profit has changed. If we take one small step forward in our spiritual world, we can take a big step forward for our business. In practice, our breakthroughs in material things, our breakthroughs in profits, come from breakthroughs in the brain, from breakthroughs in the mind. If the mind cannot achieve a breakthrough, then the money will not come back.

Four types of labour and five ways of making money
Without profit there is no business, there is no survival value. At present, in the current situation in China, there are no more than three kinds of enterprises and bosses.

The first one is hard work without making money. Bosses and employees work overtime all day long, day and night.
The second kind is the harder they work the more money they make, and the more money they make the harder they work. Bosses who can achieve this state are already quite good, but have been trapped by money, contrary to human nature, where the ultimate goal of life is leisure, entertainment and play.

The third kind is the more idle making more money, and the more money you make the more idle you are. The more leisurely you earn big money, the more leisurely you earn big money. The poor people's money is used for shopping, the middle-class money is used for investing in building factories etc. while the rich people's money is used for study and leisure.

In the current market economy, I believe there are four labour scenarios.
The first is one income for one labour, such as civil servants, workers, etc. Bosses would never do this kind of labour.
The second is multiple incomes for one labour, such as a boss.
the third is lifetime income from one labour, such as a certain patent, a certain brand, etc.
The fourth type is a multi-generational income from one labour.

In these four labour situations, the boss should choose the last three situations, which are related to the strategic management implemented by the boss. One labour is more than one reward, and this is the breakthrough stage to achieve the strategic turning point. From working hard in the past to working smarter now, to achieve multiple outputs, lifetime outputs and multi-generational outputs, hoping that everyone can be a "parasite" and eventually reach the highest level of "getting something for nothing".

There are currently five ways to make money.
The first is making money standing up, using hard work to make money.
The second is sitting, using business labour to make money.
The third is making money lying down, using intangible capital to make money.
the fourth is making money by sleeping, using the system to make money
The fifth type is playing to make money, using the system system to make money.

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