Why Is Selling Something Just Constant Repetition?

1, Why should I avoid the competition?
Some fans told me that they sent videos, articles are not much play and reading, here to share an experience to you, you can write something in the morning. Sending video is also placed in the morning, here said the morning is your morning 5:00 to 5:30, because this time you have no competitors, only you sent content and video, the platform does not recommend you, recommend who?
2, Why do you say that you can first give potential customers to experience your good products? 
From a marketing point of view, sending anything is better than sending experience, if you have a good experience, customers will not use very general things, this experience can be a trial, sampling, etc., for example, send you a day of experience, similar to many video platforms, audio platforms, web platforms, non-members, send you a day or two of experience, is not you will recharge the membership, of course, the premise is that your product experience is indeed Very good, experience a good thing will not want to go back.

3, Why is it that selling something is not a constant repetition?
Sell products and services, if we say it over and over again, say it a thousand times ten thousand times, a year two years three years, we still keep saying it every day, the final result is that customers will follow us together, for example: brainwashing advertising of platinum, is not 10 years still keep saying it? Now everyone will say it, when you need to give a gift, do you think you will buy it? The answer is yes.
4, Why is it that marketing needs to be practiced every day?
The marketing tricks, we need to learn to practice every day, if we learn not to practice every day, this trick does not belong to us, slowly disappear, will not use, similar to, we shoot short video, every day to the camera constantly say, constantly speak, then every day will have a sense of the camera, the more you speak more passionate, shoot and shoot we do not shoot, do not speak, the feeling is slowly gone, as long as This trick has an effect, we must use until the fee, this is the secret of marketing, many people change tricks twice in three days, the result is nothing to master.
5, Why should customers be introduced to people who are not as good as you?
Doing business dry marketing process, there will certainly be opportunities to help others to introduce a business, this time should be introduced to the business and single to what kind of people?

My point of view is to introduce to a little less than you, if the introduction of people in all aspects than you bully, in essence, this person is not looking at you, he despises you, but you have a way to receive a single that no one else can receive, you say he is in a good mood? This is a disguise to show his incompetence, others will not be willing to do a good job on your single, secondly, even if others are willing to give you an intermediate benefit fee, will not be very willing to give you too much, because he feels stronger than you, this time, either others will take the opportunity to get your single away, or will find ways to give you a little less benefit, so you in his body is not the benefit fee you should have, simply It's because someone else is better than you, in every way.


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