The principle of getting rich: how to create sustainable income

Many people are afraid of uncertain income at work, and office workers are eager to find double salaries. They also have to work hard after work, thinking that they can stay away from poverty. In fact, no matter how many jobs you hold concurrently, the income gained by increasing working hours alone will never help you get rid of poverty.

To become rich, we must remember several principles:

First, anything that is not sustainable is not enviable.

In a course on wealth, the speaker on the stage asked the audience: "Do you know what is the definition of wealth?" The audience was stunned on the spot. Isn't the definition of money a lot?

The speaker shook his head: "If you think that having money is a rich person, it means you don't know what is the definition of wealth."

The real rich are those who have health and time to spend money. How to define wealth? That is to first understand how long the original living standard can be maintained when the whole family does not work.

"The definition of being rich is that when you don't work or lose the job in hand, you can also let yourself and your family live a comfortable life." The audience is silly on the spot, can they survive without work? This is not taught in any school. The lecturer hinted: "When the rich do not work, they still have the rent of the funds, stocks and houses they invested in before. The most important thing is that the enterprise system operates day and night, and so on. Therefore, the rich play golf every day, and they still earn tens of millions of NT dollars every month."

Having Jinshan and Silver Mines is not worth admiring. It is better to choose a cup that will continue to pour money than to choose a wealth.

"The cup of continuous money" is the concept of continuous income.

"How much money you earn is not important, but how long you can earn is the most important."

Many people spend their whole lives almost becoming working machines, but they can't get rich all their lives. Those who buy lotteries and gamble and think they can get rich overnight have also achieved the goal of getting rich, but pay attention to helping those lottery betting stations or casinos get rich.

It's not that difficult to get rich. Income is the measurement data of psychological status, and the surrounding environment is just the projection of brain value. Simply changing the brain's thinking will greatly improve our income status. How many times can your current job pay you? How many times can you use the things you sell in your life? We can have real wealth and create a plan that never lacks money!

Second, we should completely change the income structure.

The income structure is the key factor determining whether the family is rich or poor. Most families earn most of their income through work, and about 95% of their income comes from the salary they get from work. For the income obtained when not working, such as interest income, rent income, pension, royalty, etc., the average family income ratio in this area is lower, only about 5%, or even no such income.

Therefore, to change the income structure, we must increase the "income when not working".

If we can increase the income when not working, which originally accounted for only about 5%, to more than 95%, we did not expect that the inflation rate would rise so fast. Now he is 80 years old and still in good health, but he has almost nothing to live on. I don't know how long he can live on his pension. Seeing that the money is almost gone, he has to live a very frugal life now.

So we have to figure out how much money a person needs to save to retire and to withstand inflation.

Smart people know how to use their spare time to help themselves find a sustainable income. In order to avoid the collapse of the M-type society, we have the obligation to tell our friends around us that we should try our best to have sustainable income. This is a sense of mission and a responsibility to the society.

Third, at least one person in the family should create a sustainable income.

Every car has a fifth

Tires are the spare tire. Do you have a spare tire for your family with "continuous income"? There are two roles in the family, caretaker and dependent. Those who are responsible for their families and earn money to support their families belong to "caretakers"; Another role without working ability belongs to "dependents".

Risk is always everywhere. If unfortunately, someone who takes care of the family has an accident, the family will fall into poverty, or even cannot survive! It is not uncommon in Taiwan for the whole family to lose their dependence due to the fall of caregivers and need social relief. In fact, no accident is needed. As long as the caregiver is dismissed by the boss one day and loses the source of income, the economic center of the family will immediately be out of balance. Note that most of the caregivers work hard every day. In the long run, they are likely to be overwhelmed. Therefore, the caregivers are often the first to fall down.

Smart families know that preparing for a rainy day can even make caregivers less hard. The only choice is to completely change the income structure and pursue sustainable income. Therefore, to stay away from poverty, at least one person in the family should create a sustainable income.

Fourth, it will affect the world to get rid of poverty and jointly create sustainable income.

When you are in good times, you must think about where the crisis is!

When you create sustainable income, you can get out of poverty at any time.

While you still have physical strength and spare time, quickly accumulate at least a continuous income for yourself or your family!

Investment income, copyright income or profits generated by the system belong to continuous income. About 1.5 million billionaires in Taiwan have been able to get rid of poverty and realize their dream of never lacking money by developing their own continuous income system in their spare time outside of work.

Some people have to work hard for a second job after work because their income is not stable, but do not think that this will keep them away from poverty.

Again, no matter how many jobs you hold, working hours can never help you get rid of poverty.

Any unsustainable income, no matter how high it is, is not worth admiring. It is not worth working overtime and pursuing at the cost of health. In addition, the interest of savings alone is not enough for your retirement. A friend retired from the civil service 30 years ago and got a pension of NT $3 million. 30 years ago, NT $3 million was quite a large amount, so that friend felt that he would never worry about food and clothing!

The customer you are looking for today will come to spend tomorrow? There are many choices, in fact, that can make you profit many times.

For example, the author of lyrics and songs gets paid, the marketing consultant who holds shares charges, the landlord collects rent, the inventor registers a patent, the person who sets up the website collects click fees day and night, the supermarket collects channel publicity fees, the entrepreneur constructs a system to collect franchise fees, the merchant conducts direct sales, the insurance broker constructs an organization and expands the system, and many other situations are likely to continue to bring rewards. Which do you choose to do business once, get a reward once, or get N times?


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