How To Do Well In Online Community Operation? The Key Points And Techniques Of Community Marketing Operations

Community marketing is a marketing that many businesses do, but it can also be very embarrassing and rarely converts, no matter what content is done. Share tips on the right way to do community marketing and the right words to say.

How to do community marketing
1, Community group rules should be reasonable and effective
The community operation also needs the corresponding management rules, this rule cannot be more, and not less. The group will not be energetic, can also be less to the extreme or no group rules, but that has to be a mature community operation.

2, Value output
The theme of the community, there is a constant stream of value output. Regular or irregular, relevant topics of dry goods, in-depth content, industry news knowledge, etc., but also the right amount of gossip, because a person is three-dimensional. Members can get value and also solve problems.

3, The community has an opinion leader.
To operate a quality community, you need to follow the laws of the community. There are various roles in the community, and it is mobile. From the operator's point of view, it is most important to seize the key points in the various roles of the community. For example, there are corresponding methods and processes for the cultivation of opinion leaders.

4, Build your own community culture.
The community is a loose organization, so in every aspect you have to follow the laws of the group to operate, from the operator's point of view, it is necessary to generate value.

In terms of selling products, you can't be hard, you can't be soft, you have to grasp the degree, maintain the degree and sell your products naturally.

One of the important parts of building your own community culture is to determine what kind of community culture you want to build after pre-operating and analyzing the community. Of course, you can also have a culture first and then build a group, the existence of the group can exist in a variety of forms, as long as you do not owe the network, but also online, any place can be gathered.

5, The community should have flow
Flowing water does not rot, and so does the community, there must be a constant flow of living water into it. The flow of participants, the flow of members' roles, the flow of community topics, this flow includes many aspects, how to choose and match, also based on their own purpose to operate with purpose.


Social marketing techniques
1, Poke at the user's pain point
Poking the user's pain point is a keyword that we often discuss in sales.
If your community operation tactics can also make the user feel empathy and identify the user's problems in a nutshell, you can at least successfully attract his attention!

2, Highlight user needs
We can use numbers to catch people's attention and highlight user needs and user interest related content

3, Use more questioning sentences
The first sentence of the text is in the form of a question, which is similar to the title of the article. Whether it is a pain point, or to arouse the user's curiosity, can play a very good role.

4, Interest temptation
The temptation of interest is the most direct way to attract users, the discourse directly describes the content of the offer, without detours.
Price concessions can be used in combination with limited time slots to stimulate the user's sense of urgency.

5, Authority description
The use of authoritative representatives of the case, to explain the product, is a very good way to attract users, and can also enhance the conversion efficiency.

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