Why are you always "poor" when you enter the society?

Many people like to complain that the world is not good. But the reality is, in the same bad world, why do some people succeed while you do nothing? Where is the gap? Isn't it good to be eccentric? Or blame yourself for being incompetent? You may not like it when I say this. But an irrefutable fact is: if you have the ability, why is your monthly salary only 2000 or 4000? Actions speak louder than words. So, if you see anyone here who still wants to complain, please leave as soon as possible. Complaining will never solve the problem.

The workplace is a complex complex. You think it's very pleasant to see others in the workplace, don't you? But behind the surface of their scenery, how many of them have seen the great hardships they have paid? In fact, this society is very fair. Hard work may not be rewarded, but if you don't work hard, you will not be rewarded.

  1. I have no eloquence?

Wrong: Are there people who are born to speak? The master speakers on the stage are not able to speak at once. They are good at swearing and complaining. This is also eloquence, but without any nutrition, it is worthless eloquence; When watching others argue, you are full of comments, but do not reflect on yourself. If you do well, do you still say you have no eloquence today?


  1. I don't have money?

Wrong: It's not that I don't have money, but I don't have a brain to make money. After working for several years, I don't have money. I have it, but I spend it. I spend it on things that don't pay back. I eat, drink, play, or store and depreciate, but I don't maximize it. So I can't make ends meet. In this way, the moonlight is used by all the needs of life. I work round and round, and I become a moonlight clan every month. I have no foresight, and when a monk rings the bell every day, muddle along.


  1. I have no ability?

Wrong: If you don't give yourself a chance to exercise, who is born with the ability to run? The ability to jump? Is a social elite after graduation? Succeed as soon as you started your business? When others study hard, accumulate hard, and find ways hard, they do a little every day and find it boring, learn some and find it boring, see some and don't want to see it, tell themselves that they are not interested in learning, and then spend half their lives doing nothing, and then complain that God doesn't give them a chance. Ability is acquired through hard work. If you don't try hard to be able, genius will become a fool, but if you work hard, no matter how stupid you are, you can become an elite.


  1. I don't have time?

Wrong: There is a lot of time, but it is also a lot wasted. Others are very full. He is watching TV, while others are studying hard, he is spending time in games. In short, he feels more and more time. He is getting bored, and others envy others when they make money, but they do not learn how to grasp time and create value.


  1. I'm not in the mood?

Wrong: Go to play when you are in a good mood; Drink at home when you are in a bad mood, go shopping when you are in a good mood, play games when you are in a bad mood, enjoy it when you are in a good mood, and sleep when you are in a bad mood. Both good and bad moods are the same. Anyway, you just don't do the right thing.


  1. I'm not interested?

Wrong: What is your interest? Everyone has fun and food. If you don't have success, you can enjoy yourself. If you go out to travel, you will return to the moonlight clan. If you go out to karaoke, your wallet will be empty. If you go out to shop, you will come back miserable. Are you interested in working or taking the bus? Are you interested in clocking in and out? Are you interested in borrowing money when your family needs a lot of money urgently? Do you have any interest in paying back without money? Is the person selling rat poison interested in rat poison? Herbalife can help you grow and improve, improve your quality of life, and enable your family to live a healthy and happy life. Why is this not interesting?

  1. I didn't think about it?

Wrong: Think about doing it, it may be done! Don't do it. I'm not willing to work all day. I still have no head. Let's do it tomorrow. But let's forget it. After a second thought, it's not easy to earn money. No, it's not easy to earn money by working. So we can't give up the opportunity, decide to seize it.

oh dear! It's dark, let's talk tomorrow! Then the next day, because of the above 123456 points, because of the left and right thinking, continue to cycle, and finally can not decide, hesitate, or nothing.

There is a saying that poor people must be hateful! This life is not without opportunities, but without striving and grasping. There are too many excuses and reasons!

The person who strives for it must strive for it. He who does not strive for it will not be able to move for a million yuan. He who does not strive for it will not be able to make a fortune. He may also be defeated. This is the lack of action. He likes to hesitate, procrastinate, give up halfway, and is mediocre and inactive in his last life!

Others are enthusiastic about doing things for three minutes. At the beginning, they are enthusiastic and will continue to be lazy later. The hat of success will not be on your head.

Look at why others are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. You are still running for money. Don't envy others for their good lives. How can others survive when they are very difficult? How can you overcome difficulties, break through yourself and change your destiny. To live is to be worthy.

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