Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation is the largest general trading company with over 200 branches in approximately 80 countries in Japan and overseas, a group of more than 500 companies with consolidated accounts, and approximately 48,000 talented people from around the world. We have a long history of trading and cooperating with customers around the world in a wide range of fields, including energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, food and materials.

Mitsubishi Corporation continues to contribute to the creation of a better society, based on our belief in integrity and high moral character.
Mitsubishi Corporation's businesses are diversified, covering a wide range of areas including trading and business investment. However, the essence of the business is to develop business plans that focus on the needs and potential business opportunities facing customers and society, and to steadily provide customers with the functions and services needed to realise and advance those plans.

For example, in the trading business, traditionally one of the company's main businesses, the wealth of information obtained on the front line of the business is effectively used to integrate logistics, finance and marketing functions, thereby providing a high value-added service.

By participating in projects as a partner, we are able to enhance the value of our business by effectively leveraging Mitsubishi Corporation's organisational capabilities and global network to mobilise the necessary management resources while assuming our own risks.

Another important function of Mitsubishi Corporation is to provide customers with the best solutions for total management from development to procurement, production, distribution and sales, and to coordinate customer-customer partnerships by assisting in the implementation of specific businesses and combinations of different industries.

In addition to this, we are also at the forefront of social and market trends, actively participating in business development and creating business opportunities.

Mitsubishi Corporation seeks to develop the most advanced functions necessary for business improvement through its own continuous reform. To this end, not only do we have a sound financial structure and a high level of risk management capability, but we also regard our people as our most important asset and value their insight, action and creativity.

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