What a successful enterprise must do

If a company wants to become a century old shop, the most important thing is never to lose the advantages brought by entrepreneurial mentality - interpersonal relationship, sense of urgency, creativity, and every employee's sense of responsibility for the company.

The following is the answer to this question by Amit Srivastava, president of Infinite.

Employee engagement is still a huge challenge for all companies, especially for companies like ours that are growing rapidly. Our company was founded more than ten years ago, when there was only one person. Now it has developed into a multinational company with more than 5000 employees. But the most important thing for the company to achieve such success is never to lose the advantages brought by the entrepreneurial mentality - interpersonal relationship, sense of urgency, creativity, and the sense of responsibility each employee has for the company. In this atmosphere, the employees, especially the management, will naturally have a sense of collectivity and establish a deep friendship.

Given that today's employees tend to use cool digital interaction, it is not easy to cultivate a sense of connection. At present, our company's business covers more than 30 countries, and the staff composition is increasingly global. In this case, creating and cultivating an inclusive culture becomes more challenging. However, it is very important to maintain the human touch, because once people lose this kind of connection, the company will form a "silo", the interpersonal relationship will become cold, and the employee's sense of belonging to the company will also be reduced.

Therefore, it is urgent to expand the communication channels between employees and management from a strategic perspective. Our senior management team insists on organizing a global team forum every quarter, hoping to build a bridge of communication. Although digital communication is still an important way to convey information, performance and future projects, it cannot replace the personal contact and dialogue that only occurs in small-scale face-to-face meetings. The purpose of the symposium is to help the team grasp the more abstract principles of team cooperation: mobilizing enthusiasm, establishing connections, and building a deep friendship among team members, as well as between employees and the leadership.

Regular face-to-face meetings also provide leaders with opportunities to learn about the daily lives, hopes and challenges of thousands of employees, and solve problems on site to improve employee satisfaction. When leaders solve employee problems in the global headquarters, they often cannot find some subtle problems, but these problems may cause serious dissatisfaction among employees. For example, at the last symposium, we found that employees were not satisfied with the quality of seats, and they hoped that the company would replace ergonomic seats. This is a small problem, but in order to boost morale, we decided to solve it on the spot. If you can get higher employee satisfaction with very little money, the return on investment will be huge.

Face to face meetings can also be used to commend employees for their extraordinary achievements in the past year and are the most powerful tool to break down cultural barriers. When employees know that their team has received support from all over the world, their enthusiasm will exceed your imagination.

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