What is the key to management?

No hard work equals zero

For each marketer, we must learn to cherish and be grateful. Under the financial crisis, marketers should cherish the current opportunities. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Those who know how to seize the opportunity will laugh until the end. If they do not cherish their jobs, the golden bowl will become the muddy bowl.

Ability, no performance equals zero

Everyone has his or her own strengths. Only by knowing his or her strengths and making his or her values recognized by others through practice, can he or she gain greater development space. Therefore, if you think you are a thousand li horse, please travel a thousand li road first. While showing your ability, Bole will also appear. Remember: only when potential advantages are brought into play can they become advantages, otherwise they will become burdens.

A plan without action equals zero

Plan is only the premise of implementation, while action is the essence of implementation. If a plan cannot be practiced and summarized through action, any perfect plan can only be a fairy tale that can never be realized. Therefore, the key to marketing innovation is not how perfect the plan is, but immediate action.

No chance to win is equal to zero

It is better to give fish than to give fish. Work is not just a salary. In the work, the opportunities emerging in the market are also a good opportunity to cultivate and exercise your ability. To win and seize the opportunities, you only need to think more and do more than others.

No supervision is equal to zero if there is arrangement

Work should be arranged, implemented and supervised. They cannot replace supervision. Only through supervision and summary can we find problems, deal with problems, summarize experience and learn lessons from supervision and summary. So as to carry out the work better in the end.

If there is progress but no continuity, it is equal to zero

Everyone actively seeks for progress, and the team can make progress. Continuous progress will enable the team to continue to grow. "Reactive work is too much, and small work is too much." If the progress is not sustained, or there is a little progress, the team will stay where it is, and the final fate will only be the last to be eliminated.

If there is a discovery, it is zero if it is not handled

In the face of the rapidly changing market, any plan in the implementation process may lead to small negligence and the failure of the entire action.

Therefore, in addition to the timely implementation of perfect plans and details, it is also necessary to deal with and make up for every small problem found in the process, in order to prevent "thousands of miles of dike from collapsing in the ant nest".

No flexibility in operation

Marketing focuses on innovation. People have their own advantages and others have their own advantages. It is absolutely forbidden to copy mechanically, empiricism, any process operation and operation. Only in the face of flexible and changeable markets can we win without difference.

Valuable and unused equals zero

A marketer must be a good manager who can calculate accounts: the rationality of the product structure is value, and even the company value is also value. Only by making rational use of value, giving full play to the value of everyone and every article without a penny, or even digging out the value from the valuelessness, can a qualified marketer be considered.

Sales without profit equals zero

If sales volume is the benchmark for measuring the performance of business personnel, then profit is the benchmark. It is not enough to just complete the sales task. Only sales volume based on profits can be considered as real sales volume. Only marketing personnel who can both complete profits and ensure sales volume can be considered as excellent marketing personnel.

The key to management innovation is to implement every detail. Execution is the foundation and details are the key.

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