The Lower The Level Of Managers, The More They Have These 3 Characteristics In Managing Their Teams

It's not easy to make a living in the workplace and find a good leader. A good manager can often bring out the best in his or her employees, and may have the opportunity to become an even better manager and leader.

But if you follow the wrong person, not only will you not get ahead, but you will have wasted your time and lost more than you gained. Throughout history, countless cases have shown us that in order to succeed, we must have the help of a good man. It is only when a thousand-lipped horse can find a bole that it will be recognised by everyone as a thousand-lipped horse. And the level of a leader is often judged by how he manages his team and how he treats his employees.
Generally speaking, the lower the level of the manager, the more in the management of the team has the following 3 characteristics, no wonder the employees are not convinced.

The first characteristic: pro-villain, far from the wise minister
Low-level leaders manage their teams, most like to be close to people who share their hobbies and ideas.

Why will compliment the leadership of the staff often be reused? It is because they can please the leader. To get closer to the leader is just to be promoted and reused. Many people who are not able to, love to take shortcuts.
Those who are really capable, talented and competent are the ones who quietly contribute to the team and feed the whole team with the revenue they generate. But even so, they are alienated by their leaders just because they don't know how to make connections. He or she has created a lot of value, and in the end, when the benefits are distributed and excellence is selected, they are not as good as an employee who can kiss ass and pull strings. I am afraid that anyone else would feel unbalanced, and over time, motivation and initiative would definitely decline.
Under the management of a low-level leader, those who do not work are paid the highest salary; those who really work hard and do real work are only paid the lowest salary.
In the long run, the working atmosphere of the team is greatly reduced and becomes more and more negative, and sooner or later it will fall into crisis.

The second characteristic: all demands, no pay
A low level leader never cares about the needs of his employees, and habitually does what he wants. They have absolute power and status, and with an overwhelming advantage, they are authoritarian and hegemonic, and they do not listen to their employees, they say what they want.
They give their staff work assignments, have endless demands to make and are particularly fond of pointing fingers. He wants results, but does not give any substantial help. Even if the ability is strong, the leader does not provide the conditions, change who is unlikely to achieve results.
When the real work has produced some results, the leader will naturally take the credit for himself. The staff put in the effort and sweat, the leader only needs to wait for the harvest, completely subordinates as their own tool to obtain the benefits of people.

The third characteristic: the leader is not afraid to make decisions on small matters
A low level leader, in front of small things, often looks like an expert, always like to chatter to guide others. But when it comes to big things, he will become afraid to take decisions, just because he is afraid to take the responsibility himself.
A leader who lacks responsibility, who has no sense of duty, who does not even have the power to make decisions, can never lead his team well. These people are small, timid and short-sighted, and can only see the immediate benefits, but cannot provide guarantees or constructive advice for the future development of the team and the company.

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