The Better You Know Your Customers, The More Money You Make, So What Should You Do?

For many sellers, the more you know about your customers, the more money you make.

Never stand in their own perspective to think about customers, many sellers of their products and services very well understood, but do not understand the customer, it is not clear that the customer to buy your products and services, in the end is used to do what, or customers on your products and services and what ideas.
Marketing is essential to do market research, the more real information you collect, the more first-hand information, in order to truly grasp the needs of customers.
The reality is that many businesses and sellers will collect some second-hand, or even third-hand information from the Internet, they think they already know the needs of customers, the authenticity of this information or to play a little discount.

Here is a little bit of my experience, collect such first-hand information directly in the face of customers or in the real scene to collect, is already bought your products or services and related people, so that the conclusion is still the most accurate.
I would like to summaries the following aspects of collection.
1, Customers who buy your products and services.
2, People who deal with the same products and products as you, people from other companies in the same industry.
3, Other companies in the same industry and competitors, you can mobile phone products, customer acquisition, media publicity information.
4, The same customer base of other industries.
For example: you ask the customers who buy directly, why do you buy products and services from you? What do you do when you buy products and services? How do you know about our products and services?

Figure out these questions, you have found the real needs of customers, once the needs are determined, you can also continue to test on other customers, test a few times, you find that most customer problems are the same, this time, you can be a selling point and customer pain points to promote vigorously, but also to determine the reasons for customers to buy.
But here, using this method, you must pay attention to the problem, in this stage of information gathering and testing, do not ask too many customers' expectations, how do you want the product and service, and so on, so that the question will be substituted for the subjectivity of customer feedback, and eventually lead to your judgment error, just like you ask a customer who buys a carriage, and say how do you want the carriage, the customer may say, I hope a little faster Instead of saying, can you build a car?
Often, the customer doesn't really know what he or she wants, and the key to gathering demand information from the customer's side is to confirm the facts of his or her own judgement, not to confirm the customer's expectations.

In the end, the method of gathering first-hand information from the buyer's side is the most objective and will be the closest to the real world.

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