Data Is The Future Of Interactive Marketing

As the Internet grew in popularity, online marketing became the new favourite of advertisers who couldn't wait to put a fancy website on their products. By the time social media such as Weibo, WeChat and SNS sharing mechanisms became a major force in online communication, advertisers began to take online marketing to the level of interactive marketing.

How do you get interactive marketing right? This is the question that arises. The most important issue that domestic interactive marketing companies need to think about is how to make their clients trust their agency's work and be willing to establish a long-term relationship.

As we all know, nowadays, domestic interactive advertising agencies mostly emphasise how good their own technical execution is, in addition to creativity and media, they also seek to achieve UI/U from technical outsourcing and internal implementation. Some can rise to the level of combining product features with mechanics and creativity at various stages to get the ultimate great idea.

But perhaps the marketer is asking, how much impact will this idea have? Can we continue to use it next time? Will the client be with us for the long term? The answer to this is provided by industry professionals. In addition to a good creative team, media team and technical team, you can definitely do a bigger and better job of winning clients by forming a data operations team.

From the industry's experience, the most valuable part of interactive marketing should not just stay on the surface of creativity + technology. In the past, when we did traditional advertising, we had to rely on third-party surveys to estimate how many people had seen a TVC or road sign. Creative was more often tested by focus groups, and neither the agency nor the client had any accurate idea of the real behavioural model of the TA. But today there is a huge opportunity to do interactive. No matter how cool the interaction is, in the end it depends on IT, or to be precise - programming or code. This is a solid implementation basis for tracking and modelling the behaviour of those consumers who engage in interactive activities, which is already relatively mature in the form of iGRP for video media, ad click tracking technology, app installation and activation monitoring, etc., mostly based on cookie technology, and all of which are biased towards the click effect level, but data analysis and mining cannot be limited to these.

This has proven to be true in the course of our projects, and we prefer to work with our clients to build their eCRM through a comprehensive data tracking system in their interactive campaigns, rather than just providing creative and media agency services. We firmly believe that the use of data to guide interactive campaigns is the way forward in judging the merits of agencies.

Professional marketing agencies use their strengths to illustrate the importance of big data. Recently, when working on a client's project, the client said that over the past 2 years, they had done more than 20 campaigns of various sizes, with more than 100 million online ads placed and billions of user clicks. After much discussion and re-contextualisation, we found that the root cause was the lack of a complete monitoring system. We were fortunate to be able to implement our ideas on this client's project. We will use our own developed tracking code technology, layout in the ad links, website visits, e-commerce, mobile app, social sharing and other aspects, and through multiple comparison models between different databases, to accumulate data and experience for the client on ad placement, depth of engagement, creative effect, behavioural conversion and so on. The initial implementation of BTW is so impressive that the client is planning to develop an app to obtain real-time monitoring data and graphical output.

It is envisaged that in the near future, data operations will be an important weapon for advertising agencies. When data is accumulated and transformed again and again, the driving force and productivity that can be generated from it will be enormous. With all activities justified, the collaboration between agency and client will be able to continue in the long run.

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