What Approach To Selling Is Needed For Different Income Groups Of Consumers?

Everyone in this world is actually different, there is a saying that you can't find the same leaf, but interests, spending power, habits and so on, or you can find groups that have something in common.

We do business or marketing, understand what products and services they sell, the next need to find our target customer groups, today, according to income to distinguish between customer groups, treat high, medium and low income customer groups should use what kind of selling methods.

Treat different income target customer groups, marketing must be the need for targeted methods, rather than all have a set of methods to go.

First, the treatment of high-income consumers, such customers have the ability to buy, so take the more profitable, but this type of customer groups have seen a lot of knowledge, not easy to fool, this time must be taken to have the dignity of something to impress customers inside, so that customers feel that theirs is different, for example: Moutai wine, drink Moutai represents the status, represents the face.

Second, the middle-income group, this type of customer consumption ability is also relatively strong, relatively good to get some, this time need to take can cause them to have to share, have the way to show off to get, for example: buy BBA type of customers.

Third, low-income consumers, this type of customer is relatively easy to handle, but the purchasing power is limited, so it is not very good to make money, you need to impress them with the degree of trust.

Different income groups, there are different methods of selling these products will certainly be highlighted, you do not buy it, you have no way to integrate into such a circle, then your life is not much fun, to put it bluntly is to create a kind of, you buy what I can get, you do not buy me, you will lose what, a heaven, a hell.

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